Command Line for Developers

Did you find yourself trying to convert a Programming or Math PDF to mobi or to kindle but it was not converted well? I have researched this for years and found a tool that does it well. Called k2pdfopt

In addition, I'm also following guidelines from "How to do 90% of what plugins Do with just vim" to configure vim which can be assessed here: you need to update your ~/.vimrc configuration file with

Example see how the below file navigation can vastly help you while working with Vim and note this is without plugins only config changes.

File Navigation

:find someFi<TAB> # => and it would recursivley auto complete the file and it's path.
:find *.yaml<TAB> # => then shift tab tab
:ls # => files which were already opened recent files.
:b SomeFile.ja # => just type some of the file it would jump to it. if not unique <TAB>

Vim should not replace your IDE however I highly recommend for you to use it as a plugin, I think this is the best bang of the buck for Vim for developers.

On Podcast Recording

If you want a great sound on audio the best way is to follow these five steps on audacity

Step 1 Noise Reduction

Select quiet section, effects --> noise reduction, get noise reduction profile. CTRL-A then effects noise reduction and reduce noise.

Step 2 Compressor

Effects --> Compressor

Threshold - -12db

Noise floor - -40db

Ratio - 2:1

Step 3 Limiter


Effects --> Limiter

Type --> Hard limit

Gain 4.0 dB

Limit -3.0 dB

Hold: 2ms

Apply make up gain: No

Step 4 Equalizer

Equalizer --> Apply Base Boost Preset --> Then open again equalizer ad apply trebble boost

Step 5 Normalize

Make sure remove DC And normalize max to -1.0dB

Whether you work on a startup or a large enterprise, choosing which UI framework or libraries or just keeping in pace with the newest JavaScript library is not an easy task.

Here I hand curate libraries that I find useful both for small and large task, my metrics are libraries which have a large user base, have a good future, are easy to use and targeted for specific tasks to make your work easier.

For example did you know can write quick easy HTML with classless CSS libraries, if you just want to get out an HTML a static website these could serve you very well.

Boring technologies rule - I use spring + java + thymleaf

To see thymleaf UI components we have this frontend backend website for.